Science in poetry

Science in poetry
By Ron Dudley a.k.a "Pookanu"

There are so many ways to disseminate science, to discuss it, to tame it or to love it. We have chosen here to share with you a scientific poem, written by a homeless poet, and we are delighted to contribute to the dissemination of his work.

“I came out of a supermarket in central Washington DC and a man in dark classes asked if I wanted to buy a street paper from him. The vendors of such papers are often homeless or surviving on minimal income. I asked the man if the paper was any good and he replied, “I wrote one of the poems.”
I bought the paper and read the poem called, the Tree of Life. I was so moved that I traveled the streets of Washington for 2 days to find the vendor again. When I found him, I asked the poet Mr Ron Dudley if he would write a book of science poetry for Fondation Ipsen. Mr Dudley’s perspective on science is unique, and it is a privilege for Fondation Ipsen to communicate this to you for the first time”

James A. Levine, MD, PhD, Professor

Fondation Ipsen, President