Mister Cancer wants to occupy every space

Mister Cancer wants to occupy every space


Story of a disrupted cell

Everything was fine in the human body until the day when a cell multiplied itself to occupy every space and become Mister Cancer. How the immune system and Doctor “Chemo Magician” will arrest Mister Cancer?


The author: Dr. Inna Kuperstein (Curie Institute, Paris)

Inna Kuperstein is a researcher and project coordinator. She works at the CNRS in the Institut Curie bioinformatics team on the modeling of molecular networks involved in the progression of cancer.



The ʺEsprits Curieuxʺ series

Inviting the youngest to discover scientific knowledge by favouring a simple and fun approach

Produced in partnership with Institut Curie | Association Actine, and Editions du Buveur d’Encre, the albums of the collection “Curious Spirits” are written by biologists.

The illustrations are based on scientific observations and a glossary with a series of games at the end of the book helps understanding.

Sales revenue is reinvested in the development of the collection. The books are available at your usual bookseller or on the Actine association’s website.


Age: from 3 years old

Pagination: 32 pages

Size: 210 x 210 mm

Biding: Hardcover

Language: French

Publication date: December 2018

Price (incl. VAT): 8,90 €

ISBN:  978-2-914686-91-4