7 Questions: Explaining Coronavirus to Children

7 Questions: Explaining Coronavirus to Children
By Yannick Tanguy

Discover this new issue which aims to explain, in a simple way, the Coronavirus to children. This disease required an important change in our daily habits (schools and high schools temporaly closed, the stoppage of football games, shows, outings and many other activities). It was very difficult to understand, and that’s why Yannick Tanguy, PhD, decided to bring it up. In order to do so, he is answering seven questions that a lot of children asked.


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The author: Yannick TANGUY

Yannick Tanguy, PhD in Neuroscience, has worked in various fields including gene therapy or neurodegenerative diseases. Today, at Fondation Ipsen, he works as a scientific communicator and develops various media (podcasts, publications, public lectures), thus sharing his passion and curiosity for science.


The “Family Corner”

Every month, the Fondation Ipsen’s LiveLab publishes a series of podcasts. Taking a cross- disciplinary approach where science tells its own stories, the “Family Corner” accompanies its listeners on the discovery of blood, genes, vaccines and other exciting topics. During this special period, Yannick Tanguy, PhD, and his colleague, Florian Delval, joined forces with Dr. Tan­guy’s daugh­ter. Together, they question and answer the legitimate questions that children may ask themselves about the Coronavirus, and the reasons for the confinement to which almost half of humanity has been reduced.

Dr Olga Markova, a researcher at the Institut Curie, illustrated their remarks.

The BookLab and the LiveLab of the Fondation Ipsen are pleased to join forces to offer this little book as a free download to all families in need.


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Age: from 4 years old

Pagination: 12 pages

Size: 235 x 205 mm

Language: English/ French

Publication: May 2020


ISBN: 978-2-914686-16-2 (ePub_English version)/ 978-2-914686-15-5 (ePub_French version)