Exciting Biologies

Serie of meetings organized in partnership with Cell Press

In a continuing series called “Exciting Biologies”, Cell Press, Fondation IPSEN, and formerly Massachusetts General Hospital (2008-2010) and DMMGF (2011-2013), collaborate to offer annual meetings designed to highlight emerging intersections in biomedical research and promote interactions between scientists from converging disciplines. Cell Press is committed to improving scientific communication through the publication of exciting research and reviews, in particular in its journals Cell and Neuron



Cell, Fondation IPSEN

  • Biology of commitment
    Phoenix (USA),  16-19 octobre , 2016
  • Biology of plasticity
    La Jolla (USA), 11-13 octobre, 2015
  • Biology of size
    La Jolla (USA), 27-29 octobre 2014 

Cell, DMMGF, Fondation IPSEN

  • Biology of boundaries 
    Savudrija (Croatia), 17-19 octobre 2013
  • Forces in Biology 
    Dublin (Ireland), 4 – 6 octobre 2012
  • Biology at the interface 
    Kobe (japan), 29 septembre – 1er octobre 2011

Cell, MGH, Fondation IPSEN

  • Biology of recognition 
    Singapore (Singapore), 7-9 octobre 2010
  • Biology in balance 
    Buenos Aires (Argentina), 8-11 octobre 2009
  • Biology of cognition
    Chantilly (France), 16–18 octobre 2008
    (Suivi d’un colloque pour le 20e anniversaire de Neuron au Collège de France)
  • Biology in motion 
    Evian (France), 11–14 octobre 2007