Gut Microbiome and our Health

“Frontiers in Human Microbiota Symbiotic Interactions” was held in Hong Kong in 2016 and was jointly organized by Fondation IPSEN, AAAS/Science and AAAS/Science Translational Medicine, and the University of Hong Kong.

Human beings, in common with most living creatures, are supraorganisms colonized by a huge diversity of bacteria and viruses, our microbiota. The meeting brought together an international roster of top scientists working at the interface of the microbiota and the hosts it inhabits. Talks highlighted exciting research in the fields of immunology, microbiology, ecology and evolution, and metabolism. Participants learned about how the microbiota shapes the host immune response and how alterations to the microbiota through infection, medication or diet can influence susceptibility to a variety of diseases (diabetes, cancer, etc.).

Some participants have accepted to share with us their work and gave a brillant overview of the implications of gut microbiota in major disorders like obesity, allergy or Cancer. Here the interviews:

Frontiers in Human Microbiota and Symbiotic Interactions, with Orla Smith, Suet Yi Leung, Eric Pamer and Liping Zhao

Development of microbiome targeting approaches for obesity and diabetes, with Eran Elinav

Understanding and defining microbiome ecosystems lead to promote health, with Jack Gilbert

Microbiome, a new target that modulates immune response against cancer, with Thomas Gajewski

Development of new agents to replace antibiotics, with Colin Hill