Cancer Science

Cancer is still the disease that most frightens people. As a consequence, research into cancer is particularly active, to a large extent overlapping with the most fundamental research into molecular and cell biology. One of the achievements of this work has been the identification of new therapeutic targets, directly related to the mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis, which is enabling the development of more precisely directed treatments. In practice, these great advancements are leading to promising treatments like immunotherapy.

Colloques Médecine & Recherche

To consider some of the challenges posed by current cancer research, the Fondation IPSEN has created the Cancer Science series of Colloques Médecine et Recherche that is examining the fresh facets of this fast-changing science. To promote intense discussion, these meeting take place in a invited peer group. You can order for free (contact) the proceedings that have been published from those meetings. 

MEEtings & Publications

  • Cancer Therapy: Modulating the Immune System
    Magaliesburg (South Africa), April 22-26, 2017

  • Cancer Metabolism
    San Pedro de Atacama (Chili), March 5-8, 2016

  • Tumor heterogeneity & microenvironment
    Mysore (India), February 28- March 4, 2015

  • Cancer genomics
    Chantilly (France), April 12-15, 2014

  • Cancer immunotherapy
    Taormina (Sicily, Italy), March 9-13, 2013
  • Mouse models of human cancer
    Ouro Preto (Brazil), March 10-14, 2012
  • Epigenetics and cancer
    Swakopmund (Namibia), March 19-23, 2011
  • Stem cells and cancer
    Bariloche (Argentina), March 6-10, 2010
  • Molecular targets of cancer therapy
    Jaipur (India), February14-18, 2009
  • Metabolism and cancer
    Villa Caletas (Costa Rica), March 9-12, 2008
  • Metastasis and invasion
    Spineto (Italia), May 20-22, 2007
  • Are inflammation and cancer linked?
    Cape Town (South Africa), February 12-15, 2006
  • Can cancer be treated as a chronic disease?
    Agra (India), February 14-15, 2005