The 30th Anniversary of the Fondation IPSEN

A meeting dedicated to Cancer Research

For the past three decades, Fondation IPSEN, together with its highly regarded partners, has been right at the forefront of biomedical research. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Fondation Ipsen hosted a grand event entitled “From brain to mind,” which offered an overview of the dramatic advances made in neuroscience.

To mark its 30th anniversary, the Fondation Ipsen decided to organize a conference on cancer science, as seen from the point of view of advances in fundamental biology. This scientific meeting, organized in paris on April 11, 2014, was an opportunity to review current knowledge in the field of cancer research but also, more generally, to explore some of the most fascinating aspects of biological science. Indeed, during the past few decades, fundamental research in the field of cancer has made considerable advances which have “fertilized” biology as a whole. In practice, cancer research merges with the very heart of research in cellular and molecular biology, as indicated by discoveries related to telomeres, stem cells, epigenetics and gene therapy, to name just a few.

This outstanding event was attended by a wide array of prominent scientists from various fields of biomedical research, a panel of distinguished cancer experts – among them several Nobel prize laureates.

The meeting was being placed under the High Patronage of Mr. François Hollande, President of the French Republic.